Tuesday, October 16, 2007

tpo 5 blogs for me..

1. michelle go
2. gabriela llames
3. renee rose fortin
4. mervin orsolino
5. jay cliff mutia

things i learned in my computer class

  • being computer literate is a big help in our daily lives
  • computer is more effective and efficient than humans
  • it has its hardware and software as well as its input and output
  • you can shop online
  • if you are doing something on computer, you must be careful, copy it then back up
  • i learned how to make my own blog
  • maybe ma'am joan is a computer engineer(--,
  • if i will not be able to finish this article, i will be forced term papers(--,

Saturday, October 13, 2007

wikipedia = wiki pilipinas

i found wiki Pilipinas exciting the first time i saw it. it appears to be the counterpart of wikipedia, Filipino version. isn't it great that inspite of critisms about filipinos, we continually fight and prove the world what we can do? Wiki Pilipinas ins't limited to english language only. it seems like a national dictionary. it have all the dialects that can only be found in the Philippines. great!! Indeed!!

jeima's college life

am i really in college now?? college girl? i can't believe this, haha! funny isn't it?? it seems like just yesterday when i make my very first step in a classroom, [nursery, kinder, prep]... and college?? yes. i mean no! haha! it's just that my preparatory days are really memorable, like there was a time when i was looking for my pencil. i cant find it anywhere, until i started to think that my seatmate hid it, so i shouted at him now and then only to find out that i was just holding my pencil the whole time! haha! funny, isn't it?. but i've already forgotten the his name and even his face, so, whoever you are, all i can say is sorry [laughs]. uhm... then next.. first grade in elementary, second grade, third, fourth, fifth, then sixth. then highschool. it is [so far] the happiest stage in my student life. i learned a lot of things, discovered new things, and was i was able to enhance my skills [in doing vain things (--,] i really had a lot of fun when i was in highschool but if there's 'hi' there will be 'goodbyes', sad but true, we have to have our separate ways. and i'm thrown PLMar (--,. i actually dont have any plans of spending my colege life in PLMAr. honestly, my dream school are limited to ADMU and UST only [ambitious jeima hehe] but i have no choice because i'm not that overflowing with intellegence [brainy high(--,] and papa isn't that rich [sosy high (--,] so in short, i can't afford. as a daughter, i want my parents to see that though i 'm not going to study in my dream university, i'm still excited to enroll for college [in PLMar]. so i woke up early, prepared early and arrived early [with my parents] only to find out that i don't have with me any requirement for enrollment!!!. mad and disappointed, my parents decided to went back home [since we have no choice at all]. but then after a long process, i finally entered PLMar. at first, i thought i will not have a friend [because i don't mingle] [hehe] until i got bored of being a loner and decide to open my mouth. even before the classes start, i told myself that i will not take everything seriousely [for some reasons]. the result, i started really bad! the first day, i was not able to attend my first subject because i was late. the next day, our beloved campus guard send me away because i was wearing slippers! after that, everything followed [tardiness and absences] but then again. though its only the first semester of my first year in college was about to end a lot of memories will be treasured by me [drama mode] hehe. since this is my preparation for my future, i must not take everyhting for granted and though really hard, i must also work hard and tell myself 'i can do this!'=)

Friday, October 12, 2007

i dont know..

hi i'm jeima rose, you can call me jeima. my nickname's sweet. born on the 5th day of june 1990, so obviously, I've been existing 17 years. i love eating 'absolutely' [pacquiao??(,")] bwahaha!

its my hobby [duh!] I've been to badminton when i was a kid and ever really, definitely loves music and in fact plays guitar, bass guitar and drums, anyway, the early nov and armor for sleep are the artists that suit my taste best! [harhar!] speaking of 'the best', the best color for me is the shade of apple green....... and maybe lavender would also work.. uhm.. what more can i say???... motto?? oh yes!!! hahaha! my motto: "life can't give me joy and peace; its up to me will it. life just gives me time and space; its up to me to fill it.".. actually, i just red that in a devotional book and definitely agreed on it.. [winks]

i like: surprises, presents, babies [cute babies], pretty girls [its not what you are thinking!] yummy foods [yuuummmyyy!!=)] being with my friends or even strangers [who are really fun to be with] unbelievable, amazing, extraordinary, shocking, unusual, remarkable things. it just knocks me off my feet [LOL!], making people around me happy and always laughing, nice clothes, colorful flip flops, and any kind of slip ons, snickers, flat shoes, and the like [certified shoe lover =)] AND MANY MORE!!!

i hate: ants, tall grass, per*** days [he he] trying hards [but not really, he he, cause we must love everybody, no matter what] super noisy places when I'm sick[sigh (,")] MATH???, getting pressured, hearing foul words [it breaks my heart =(] i hate it when someone gets mad at me, exhibitionists [freaks!], things that reminds me 'not-so-happy' memories. i hate it when i forgot something like.. uhm.. what am i trying to say?? [kidding aside] AND MANY MORE!!! [laughs =D]

my greatest ambition is to meet my Lord and Saviour face to face and to be with forever.

i [or should i say we] define LOVE as an unconditional commitment towards imperfect people to seek their highest good which often requires sacrifice. [like what Jesus did].

but sad to say, its our weakness, its really hard for us to love everyone, specially our enemies. it sounds crazy but why don't we think it over? why don't we love one another? love everybody? and love God.

Are you one of us who accepted Jesus in our hearts?

Are you ready to let HIM in in oyur life??